Minecraft Crafting Guide 2.0

Excellent and dynamic tutorial that provides valuable insights

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The Minecraft Crafting Guide is a companion for the Minecraft game. Minecraft is an indie sandbox game by a Swedish developer. It is grown in popularity over the past 4 or 5 years. It's received numerous awards for its innovative gameplay. The player mines for blocks to create everything in the game.

Each block is used in the creation of other materials. The player starts with their fist, and punches trees to get blocks of wood. Those blocks are assembled in a certain configuration in the players creation window to make more items. Four blocks will create a workbench, which is essential for more advanced crafting.

Once the player has assembled different blocks through mining, the crafting can take place. On the crafting table, the player has eight squares. Those eight squares are where everything in Minecraft is crafted. Many players start trying to discover recipes on their own. A configuration of four blocks will make sticks. Sticks are needed to create weapons, shovels and pick axes to mine for more valuable materials.

At a certain point, a player will have the basic recipes discovered and become stumped. They may not know how to make a bowl for milking cows, or a library for enchanting weapons and tools. The Minecraft developers are not helpful with long lists of crafting recipes since they want the player to work at Minecraft and make discoveries through play.

It can be frustrating to be stuck on a recipe. The Minecraft Crafting Guide work with the game running so the player can use it as a reference while playing the game. If the player is stuck on a recipe's ingredients, he or she can look it up easily in the reference guide. Each recipe needs ingredients but a certain configuration to make the item. The guide will show the configuration of the items too.

It's updated regularly with categories and drop down menus. Searching is easy and with the drop down menus, the player can find interesting recipes that he or she didn't know they wanted. With every patch of the Minecraft game, new materials and recipes are introduced. The crafting guide keeps updated of the new additions.


  • Very organized listing of recipes
  • Comprehensive list of all the recipes in Minecraft
  • Searching is simple and intuitive


  • The crafting guide has to be installed on a hard drive

The Minecraft Crafting Guide is a comprehensive list of every single recipe in Minecraft. The player who has been stumped or unsure of how to continue will find a recipe that will make the game fresh and new in no time.

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